Sunday, February 07, 2016

=STOMP= Gaming

Welcome to the fresh face of =STOMP=

Apologies for the screw around with the forums guys. I basically got boned by our previous host and thus we have to re build our forum from the ground up.

Don't despair!! This can actually be a good thing, as it will clean out inactive member's and after our rebuild will represent the clan more realistically. It will mean all members will have to re register which is not a hell of a lot of work compared to the mountain of work rebuiulding the site is going to be!

Please be patient, I am a very busy man and will do my best to get things up and running ASAP but also have a life/fmaily/business to run.

This will also mean we can introduce fresh modules to the site and integrate it nicely with the bulletin board etc.

Again I am so sorry that our past data may not ever be recovered ( in saying this please feel free to repost any data you may have cached in your browsers!!)  All suggestions will be considered and previous admins please email me so I can give you the appropriate permissions etc etc.


*** GO!, GO!, GO! - Registration is NOW OPEN - Please click on the forum link above and register on the forum. The content and layout of the forum is not complete yet but you will be able to post comments and get registered for now. There will be many changes in the forum layout as we go. ***


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